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Home of Electrical installations including lighting, power, panels, Load cables, Transformer and Lightning Arrestor. Wire ways for ELV services and CCTV Installation.

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Welcome to Mekhand Nigeria Limited have highly qualified and competent professionals for the various areas of specialization. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully executed a wide variety of projects for our clients and therefore confident in our capability to handle any future projects. .
Electrical Installation
We install residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.We  also maintain and keep the electrical systems and equipment in good working order after they have been installed. Find bellow a few of the installations we do. Cleat wiring. Wooden casing and capping wiring. CTS... READ MORE
Power Systems
At mekhand, we make sure your network of components is well designed and structured to efficiently transmit and distribute electrical energy produced by generators of any form e.g Hydro,Mechanical etc, to locations where they are utilized. Generators, motors and other utility loads are connected... READ MORE
CCTV Installation
 At Mekhand, we offer a variety of security installations ranging from CCTV, to burglar alarm system and other security equipment to keep you and your property safe. Whatever security system you are looking to have, we can install for you. READ MORE
Fire Alarm System Installation
To ensure we meet all your needs, we utilize only proven fire alarm installation services along with industry-leading technology and products. Mekhand Nigeria Limited team is highly skilled, professional and dependable to offer superior service that is guaranteed to satisfy your fire safety... READ MORE